What we play? We typically play co-op, online, and MMO. The type of game that will include anyone who wants to play in the session. Not all, but most, are listed in the subsection on the site. From the main menu, “What We Play”, you will find a listing of the games we typically play. For each game, you will find a rating. The categories are as follows:

Graphics – Not how pretty or advanced the graphics are, but more so, how the graphics work with the game. Are they stable, bug and artifact free? To the add to the game?

Controls – Are the controls easy to use? Do you need special hardware? Does the game function well for both keyboard/mouse and controller?

Sound – Similar to graphics. Does the sound add to the game?

Fun Factor – Biggest criteria, is it fun to play? Will you want to continue to play it?

Longevity – Hand in hand with fun factor. Will you want to play this game for a long period of time? Days? Months? Years?